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"There is no friend as loyal as a book- Ernest Hemingway"

Books are also an incredibly relaxing form of entertainment I believe. In simple words I would rather say that they are your true friends. It gives simple pleasure and relaxation of mind and soul a true match of each other.
 Books are the perfect entertainment no commercials, no batteries, hours of enjoyment for each dollar spent. What I wonder is why everybody doesn’t carry a book around for those inevitable dead spots in life”, said by, Stephen King.

There are vast numbers of collection of books on various topics by which one can gain immense knowledge and become wise. These could be based on fiction or non-fiction stories, novels or perhaps narrations and etc. books tell us about different culture and norms, their values and customs. It’s a complete new world where you discover new ideas, clues for new inventions and much more. The more you go deep in it the more you discover it.

As said by Ray Bradbury, “A book has got smell. A new book smells great. An old book smells even better. An old book smells like ancient Egypt”.
The person who reads books has wiser personality and yet distinctive one. If one person keeps reading books would definitely feel change in itself in many ways like outlook, attitude, and way of talking and so does overall lifestyle. When a person reads more he/she becomes more active and productive both in personal and working life. As this, keep one in touch with the new discoveries and what had been achieved in past.

Books have their own values and cannot be replaced by technology and still they are written by many authors and published and sold in huge quantities and read by large readers. As said earlier, it’s a deep ocean of thoughts and ideas that brings you closer to nature and humanity. In a sense that when you read books you come to know about people behavior, their reactions and actions, their attitudes and of course you come to know the Devine nature of God i.e. the beautiful world he has created like the trees, the oceans, the forests, the rivers, the mountains, the rivers and valleys, space and atmosphere all what is and what is not? Adding to it, a book makes you learn how to live a simple and honest life. How to tackle the life’s crucial problems and dealing with them.

Books have greatest impact on everyone’s life in a way if one makes it a habit of reading it he/she would never be felt alone in his/her life. Likewise,
 Cornelia Funke said “Some books to be tested some devoured, but only a few should be chewed and digested thoroughly.”  
They are best pass time and they never let you bored. But for this one must be having fond of reading books. Because reading is something present inside you. It’s another person living in you. I would say one more thing here that reading should never be imposed on kids because this makes them dislike reading rather than making them reading books. For this, a child should taught at an early age that how good reading is for him/her is, then only he/she would realize its importance and their interest would also develop. However, there are many books available in the market for every age say from 2 year old kid to 90 year old man. Kids usually like colorful books with few words easy to read and learn. I would congrats to Disney who have done a lot of work and published such books that not only attracts kids but elders too towards their collections. On the other hand, for teens and older have books like Harry Potter, Penguin Popular Classic Collection, Hobbit, some other like adventurous books, novels, history, political, health, and philosophy.

Furthermore, books can also be given as present. I remember when I was 9 years and passed 4th standard my first present by my father was “My First Oxford Dictionary” (complied by Evelyn Goldsmith and Illustrated by Julie Park). Later, when I began my O-levels I was presented by my father Illustration and Fact Finder (Dorling Kindersley). Meanwhile when I was doing my academics I read many novels such as Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin, Jane Eyre, Plays of Shakespeare and etc. Since then reading books are part of my routine life and I always take out sometime from my busy schedule and read books. They could be novels, motivational and self-improvement or any other subject of interest.

In addition to this, every year, here in Karachi, Pakistan, a large book fair is organized i.e. Karachi International Book Fair. I never miss that one. In fact, whole year I wait for it desperately. Publishers, authors, writers, media, print media from round the globe take part in it and exhibit their publications and books, magazines. There you will find vast range of books and magazines. Whenever I visit there I felt a sense of wisdom and I feel as if I’ve come to a different world. Over there you find separate section for kids where they can play, paint and color and win the games. This encourages them towards reading and participating more in such games that increase their knowledge and make them wise and sound. Now coming back to the point the main reason to share all this with you is basically to tell how books can play an important role or bring change in your lives.

Nonetheless, importance of books cannot be measured in terms of monetary value; it’s far beyond than it. No matter on what subject you read, every subject has its own value in its own place. It always gives you a sense of completion when you are done with it unlike with the electronic media that it doesn’t provide you peace of mind and body.
Charles William Eliot said “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and most patience of teachers.” Enjoy reading!


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